Mathnasium Franchise Owner Salary: Understanding the Financial Potential

Owning a franchise is a popular avenue for entrepreneurs seeking to combine the support of an established brand with the independence of business ownership. Among the myriad franchise opportunities, Mathnasium stands out for those passionate about education and mathematics. As a franchise specializing in math tutoring for children, Mathnasium offers a structured path to business success. But what about the financial side of things as of June 15, 2024? Specifically, what can a Mathnasium franchise owner expect in terms of salary?

What does mathnasium franchise do?

Since its founding in 2002, Mathnasium, the iconic math education franchise, has been dedicated to helping kids develop a love for math. Over the years, Mathnasium has expanded to over 1,000 locations worldwide. During this time, we’ve empowered hundreds of entrepreneurs to own businesses that create a significant and lasting impact on their communities.

Mathnasium Franchise Owner Salary: Understanding the Financial Potential

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Mathnasium Franchise Owner Salary Overview as of June 15, 2024

Initial Investment$112,750 to $149,110
Annual Revenue$200,000 to $800,000
Monthly Royalty Fee10% of gross sales
Monthly Advertising Fee2% of gross sales
Profit Margin15% to 20%
Annual Salary Range$30,000 to $160,000
Example 1 (High Revenue)Revenue: $500,000
Profit Margin: 20%
Net Income: $100,000
Example 2 (Low Revenue)Revenue: $250,000
Profit Margin: 15%
Net Income: $37,500
Influencing FactorsLocation, Management, Marketing, Community Engagement

This table provides a structured overview of the financial aspects of being a Mathnasium franchise owner.

The Investment

Before delving into the potential earnings, it’s essential to understand the initial investment required to open a Mathnasium franchise. The total investment ranges from $112,750 to $149,110, which includes the initial franchise fee, leasehold improvements, equipment, and initial marketing expenses. This investment is relatively moderate compared to other franchise opportunities, making Mathnasium an attractive option for many aspiring business owners.

Revenue Potential

The revenue of a Mathnasium franchise depends on several factors, including location, market demand, competition, and the owner’s management skills. On average, a Mathnasium center can generate annual revenues ranging from $200,000 to $800,000. Centers in prime locations or areas with high demand for tutoring services can exceed these averages.

Operating Costs

Operating costs are a significant factor influencing a franchise owner’s net income. These costs typically include:

  • Rent or lease expenses
  • Salaries for staff and instructors
  • Marketing and advertising expenses
  • Franchise royalties and fees
  • Utilities and other overhead costs

Mathnasium charges a monthly royalty fee of 10% of gross sales and a 2% advertising fee. These ongoing fees are standard within the franchise industry and support Mathnasium’s broader marketing and operational infrastructure.

Franchise Owner Salary

After accounting for all expenses, a Mathnasium franchise owner’s net income or “salary” can vary widely. Industry reports and franchise disclosure documents suggest that a well-run Mathnasium center can yield a profit margin of 15% to 20%. This margin translates to an annual salary ranging from $30,000 to $160,000, depending on the center’s revenue and efficiency.

For example, a Mathnasium center generating $500,000 in annual revenue with a 20% profit margin would generate a net income of $100,000 for the franchise owner. Conversely, a smaller center with $250,000 in revenue and a 15% margin would yield a salary of $37,500.

Factors Influencing Earnings

Several factors can influence a Mathnasium franchise owner’s salary:

  1. Location: Centers in urban or affluent areas may have higher demand and can charge premium rates, increasing revenue potential.
  2. Management: Effective management and cost control can enhance profitability.
  3. Marketing: Aggressive and strategic marketing can attract more students, boosting enrollment and revenue.
  4. Community Engagement: Building strong relationships within the community and schools can drive word-of-mouth referrals and long-term success.


Owning a Mathnasium franchise offers the potential for a rewarding career both financially and personally. While the initial investment and ongoing operational costs are considerations, the revenue potential and average profit margins present a viable path to a lucrative salary. As with any business venture, success hinges on the owner’s dedication, strategic planning, and ability to adapt to market conditions. For those passionate about education and committed to running a thriving business, a Mathnasium franchise can be a fulfilling and profitable endeavor.


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