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In today’s competitive employment market, access to trustworthy salary data is critical for employers and employees. The Culpepper Compensation Survey is a trusted resource that provides in-depth insights into compensation trends across industries and locations. Understanding and exploiting this data can significantly impact firms looking to attract and retain top talent.

Culpepper Compensation Surveys provide market data on salaries and compensation practices in a wide range of jobs and industries worldwide.

What is a Culpepper Salary Survey?

The Culpepper Compensation Survey is a comprehensive tool organisations use to collect and evaluate compensation data for various jobs, industries, and geographies. This survey provides thorough information on salary trends, allowing organizations to measure their pay structures against the market. Companies that participate in or subscribe to the survey receive access to a plethora of data that influences their compensation policies, enabling them to remain competitive in attracting and retaining talent. (Source: 01)

Who uses Culpepper Salary Surveys?

  • Businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinational corporations.
  • Human resource professionals.
  • Compensation and benefits specialists.

NOTE: Individual salaries will vary depending on experience, skills, education, & time duration.

Culpepper Salary Survey

CategoryRoleAverage SalaryMedian Salary25th Percentile75th PercentileBonus PercentageStock OptionsTotal Compensation
EngineeringSoftware Engineer$120,000$115,000$100,000$140,00010%No$132,000
Systems Engineer$110,000$105,000$90,000$130,0008%No$118,800
HealthcareRegistered Nurse$80,000$78,000$70,000$90,0005%No$84,000
Healthcare Manager$110,000$108,000$95,000$125,00012%No$123,200
Life SciencesBiologist$95,000$92,000$80,000$110,00010%No$104,500
Research Scientist$105,000$102,000$90,000$120,00012%No$117,600
OperationsOperations Manager$85,000$82,000$75,000$95,00010%No$93,500
Supply Chain Analyst$75,000$72,000$65,000$85,0008%No$81,000
Professional ServicesConsultant$95,000$92,000$80,000$110,00015%No$109,250
Project Manager$105,000$102,000$90,000$120,00012%No$117,600
SalesSales Representative$75,000$72,000$60,000$85,00015%No$86,250
Account Manager$90,000$88,000$75,000$100,00020%No$108,000
TechnologyIT Manager$110,000$108,000$95,000$125,00010%No$121,000
Network Administrator$85,000$82,000$70,000$95,0008%No$91,800
Complete SolutionsSolution Architect$125,000$120,000$105,000$140,00015%No$143,750
Implementation Specialist$100,000$95,000$85,000$110,00010%No$110,000

This table includes various key compensation components such as average and median salaries, percentile ranges, bonus percentages, stock options, and total compensation. The actual values would vary based on the most recent data from the Culpepper Salary Survey.


Using the Culpepper Salary Survey is a smart strategic step for companies looking to maintain their competitive edge in the recruitment market. In addition to offering precise and thorough compensation data, this study includes resources such as the Geographic Pay Index that allow pay structures to be customized to meet particular local demands. Through comprehension and use of these perspectives, organizations may develop attractive, equitable, and competitive benefits packages, which will eventually lead to success in their attempts to attract and retain employees.

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